Matthew Pigden (Chiropractor) has a BSc (hons) in Applied Sports Science as well as a BSc (hons) in Chiropractic. Matt graduated from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic in 2002 and has since taken a keen interest in therapeutic nutritional therapy, acupuncture, lower limb biomechanics and orthotics as well as treating many top-level professional sports people.  Matt is a member of the British Chiropractic Association and is BUPA registered.  In his spare time Matt is a keen climber and enjoys spending time outdoors.
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Matthew provides chiropractic care for

  • Johnny Dawes, Climber
  • Ellie Koyander Olympic Skier –
  • Team GB Bouldering Climbing Team –
  • Leah Crane; Team GB Climber –
  • Gareth Parry; Team GB Climber –
  • Mansfield Town FC; Stags –

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