Your first visit to our clinic…
You will be asked to complete a form to detail where your pain is, anything else which may be present, and gauge any other injuries of health problems you may have experienced prior to your visit.

We will then talk to you about your complaint, how long you’ve had it, what makes it better or worse and any other treatment you have received to date, before completing a full physical examination. As the body works as a whole we like to check all your muscles and joints as well as the area generating pain using orthopaedic, medical and chiropractic tests. A gown will be offered for your modesty but we would advise you to bring a pair of shorts to wear too. A full explanation of your condition, its evolution, current state and prognosis along with prescribed therapy will be provided before treatment commences.

All of this should take approximately an hour, though if you have multiply complaints or a complicated medical history a little longer may be required.